Welcome to Hamilton Dolphins Football 2006 website. We are very thankful for the opportunity to coach your son this season. Our focus for this team is TEAMWORK. Our goal is for your son to learn and develop his skills at the game of football. Each player must be exposed to all facets of the game. We will develop each player in a context of maximum safety and care.

Many of the players on this team have played for years, for some this is their first exposure to the game of football. My main job as the head coach of this team is to set conditions and run the team in order that all players build their understanding and enjoyment of the game.

We will work hard to get all players on this team to work together and execute their assigned responsibilities. Player position assignments will be organized with a depth chart and I will have up to 4 strings for each position. Depending upon league rules, many times the first string players will not start in their first string position. Likewise during the course of the game first string players will not always be in the game at their first string positions.

We will determine our success player by player as all should learn and experience the game. Player skills should improve throughout the season and teamwork should dramatically improve. One of the biggest challenges is to continue to develop player, parent and coach enthusiasm despite setbacks throughout the season. Going in, we will discuss and prepare for this and build as the season goes on.

We want to let you know our appreciation for allowing your son to participate in our league. We have put a tremendous amount of planning into this team’s program and we will use this program to create the best possible experience for each player.

Communication with the Players

As a coaching staff, our coaches will strive to support one another and be attentive when a coach is addressing the team. Our staff will strive to be consistent as players can easily become confused if they sense that the coaches are in conflict or worse, if different members of the staff coach them to perform a technique in different ways. All coaches will try to communicate with the players on the team in a very positive and consistent manner.

We strive to:

·         Teach each player what their responsibility in a positive manner.

·         Address each player calmly and with respect - be upbeat.

·         Avoid embarrassing any player on the team.

·         Always try to understand what the players know and what is going to be new to them.

·         Explain - Demonstrate - Practice - Correct - Repeat.

Often it requires some thought and greater explanation to coach a player in a positive manner. We will concentrate on the following approach:

·         Praise all of the players whenever possible.

·         Start each correction with some positive point and then make the correction.

·         Praise effort as well as performance.

·         Repetitions by the players are more important than lectures by the coaching staff.

·         Once a technique has been explained, practiced and corrected, provide ample time for all the players to have as many repetitions as possible.

·         Continually review each technique at practice sessions during the year.

Communication with the Parents

Communicating with parents is essential for our team's success. Parents need to be continually informed about the team's progress. Hopefully, with encouragement, many parents are going to have an interest in the team, the coaching and the team goals. We will focus on a positive approach when communicating with parents and encourage all parents to communicate to the coaches regarding their concerns and ideas.

It is important that each parent understand that there is a proper time and place to discuss any questions about the team.

We have a pre-arranged program that makes us available by phone, e-mail, or in person for any discussions concerning their child or any coaching method as follows:

Mike Mixson, Head Coach
Daytime Phone (423) 894-8289, ext. 100
Cell Phone (423) 779-8949
Email mike@landmmusic.com

I am available anytime to discuss your child, his performance, his utilization on this team and any other item of discussion regarding your child and his experience on this team.

As a courtesy for the other people involved with the team, discussions will not be allowed during practice or a game. Likewise, discussions will not be allowed with the child present.

While coaches and parents may freely discuss the performance of the parent's child, we do not want to spend time discussing the other children. Likewise, at practice and in the stands we need positive encouragement for all the kids. Please refrain from saying negative or derogatory comments about any of the players. We want a spirit of positive encouragement for all players at all times.

Following each game and practice, the parents are encouraged to find a coach and discuss any relevant item concerning their child. Often times, answers to questions or concerns will not be possible until the following day but all concerns will be addressed.

Parents on the practice field

All parents are encouraged to get close to the action on the practice field. Often times parents will be asked to participate in the practices. While we want you near the action, please refrain from instructing a player unless you have been given specific instructions concerning a drill. The message to players must be consistent.

On the other hand, shouting encouragement is a good thing. Amplifying the noise level around the players is a positive stimulus in most cases. Lets all make sure that we remain positive and while laughter will be a natural response to many activities, remember that someone is in essence getting laughed at… as long as it is the head coach that is perfectly fine. I do want to make sure that the players are not laughed at.

Practice sessions will be strictly planned with rapid motion and no standing around. Often times the coaching instructions will be delivered to parents via email and the like in order that parents can participate and help the practice session move along.

Your help is needed and will help the team develop if we all work together.

Fees and Equipment

Fee is $TBA.  Players will be provided the following: (1) Game day jersey with name on the back. (2) Game day football pants. (3) Pair of game day socks. (4) Two "Dolphins" decals for the helmet and stripes.

Parents must provide: White Helmet, Shoulder Pads, White Practice Pants with pads, Practice Jersey, Mouthpiece, football cleats. 

You can purchase your gear at the following:

Sports Spectrum
4518 Highway 58, Chattanooga, TN 37416
(423) 899-9238

Play It Again Sports
6227 Lee Highway, Chattanooga, TN 37421
(423) 855-4672

Football America


The practice schedule for preseason practice is right here.

The basic skill assessment phase is designed for all of us to get to know each other. Likewise it will be designed to make football practice fun and should provide the initial basis for the development of the Depth Chart. Skill Assessment practices will be helmet, shoulder pads, shorts, cleats. There will be minimal contact.

You see the first organized work practice will cover the defense. The first full pads practice is August 5th, 2006.  We will develop responsibilities and skills on the defensive side of the ball first. All players will be taught how to tackle in as safe as possible environment with the correct matchups of experience and size. It is critical that in this phase you watch your child closely and stay aware of his attitude toward contact. I will attempt to be on top of the player’s reaction to these practices and make sure we get all of them through these sessions with a strong desire to continue.

The last preseason practices will focus on the offensive side of the ball and we will develop a minimal number of plays. Defense will get touch ups as well.

Season games start immediately following the Jamboree, which is TBA. Teams play an eight game regular season schedule. Teams will field between 14 to 22 (max) players.

Between 8/1/2006 and the Jamboree our practice schedule is posted here.

Rules, Discipline and Effort in relation to Teamwork

Football is a game of personal responsibility in relation to a player’s assignments. Each player is counting on the other players to execute their assignment(s) and give maximum effort.

Showing up at practice on time demonstrates a player’s level of effort. While everyone will miss an occasional practice and be late from time to time, missing practice and showing up late often will result in falling on the depth chart. Please provide me with information regarding practices that will be missed beforehand if possible in order that we can adjust our practice sequence.

Players are not allowed to talk during practice unless recognized by a coach after they raise their hand. Likewise, the only person allowed to talk in the huddle is the player who brings in the play and the QB.

Goofing off in practice is generally the fault of the coaching staff who create situations where boredom takes over the kids. We will do everything possible to make sure that there exist no standing around times in practices other than water breaks.

Demanding the kids attention and effort help build all aspects of teamwork. Challenging them to a high level will also reveal their level of effort and dedication.

While it is my goal to eliminate wasted time and long line of kids standing around in order to prevent goofing off and other discipline related problems, there are times that disciplinary action must be taken.

Please try to be at the practice field 10 minutes prior to the start of practice in order to get your kid’s gear on and have them ready to go on time. Also, please have your son ready to practice and encourage them to be a leader in the right direction regarding effort.

Depth Chart

For the purposes of determining the positions the players will play we will use a depth chart. This depth chart will show up to 4 levels (strings) of players. This depth chart will likely change each practice. A child that is the first string QB may in fact not maintain that position throughout the season as other kids develop. In addition, our best QB will probably never play an entire game at QB and will rarely start at QB depending upon the outcome of the coin toss.

The depth chart will be posted here, and all parents are encouraged to discuss it with me at any time.

Game situations will always determine who is playing at what position. If a game is under control in our favor you can expect to see a variety of players in second and third tier positions. Likewise if a game is out of control in the favor of our opponent you will also see substitutions. Games that are close in competitiveness will be worked with closer attention to being competitive.

Winning, Losing and Being Competitive

We will place emphasis on being competitive and winning games. However, we will not have a "win at all cost" philosophy but our goal will be to win games.

As the head coach of this team I view my responsibility as focusing on improving the players on the team, teaching them how to play as a team and how to win games. Youth football is not entirely about numbers on a scoreboard but the kids want to win as badly as NFL players.

Part of winning is putting forth a winning effort. This starts in practice and carries onto the playing field. A game is simply an extension of a week’s practice. Games are opportunities to give weaker players experience. This league has a minimum play rule and I will adhere to it.

Learning how to deal with adversity, learning how to come back and try harder after a defeat and improving performance are lessons that serve kids well throughout their lifetimes. Youth sports, especially football, have a powerful ability to create virtues in young kids. Sports teach teamwork, honor, sportsmanship, devotion to a goal, and selflessness. All of these traits are positive, and all of them are increasingly harder and harder to teach to children in a world where they can simply hit a reset button if the Nintendo game they're playing doesn't go as planned. 

We are likely to face all sides of the spectrum regarding the competition. Our goal is to ensure that we compete hard and never quit. Bringing our best effort every play is the strategy we will employ to become winners.

Practice and game evaluation

Every practice and game will be evaluated immediately after the event in order to record the outcome and learn from the experience. All practice evaluations will be communicated to the parents in order that all information is communicated effectively in a timely fashion.

The positives and negatives of each practice will be documented and reviewed in order that we can correct our practice regimen. Parents are encouraged to comment on the practice session reviews in order to address their concerns.

Each practice will result in a re evaluation of the depth chart and associated reasons for making changes. The reason for changes in the depth chart, while not posted, will be available for the parents upon request for their child.

Adjustments will be made daily and should result in better overall performance for the team.

Season Challenges

While we have several good players on our team we do not have one player that is a gamebreaker or who can dominate a particular side of the ball. This will challenge us to build the overall team effort and put us in a difficult competitive posture. Many other 7-8 teams in this league are filled with repeating players with great talent and proven systems.

This is a new team and developing chemistry is another deficit we face. Finding the position assignments for the kids will be a large challenge and coaching the kids to execute their assigned responsibilities is critical to development.

We will work hard and prepare well. We will scout our opposition and prepare each week to face a specific opponent. We will practice effective tackling and develop this skill in particular.

Our success will be determined in the light of how well prepared our team is, how much effort our players put into practicing, developing skills and competing in the games. Setting the stage whereby all players learn to love the game of football is a primary concern for us. Putting out a tremendous effort during the competition and reacting to it in manner that is reflective of our team’s character is paramount to our success.

Again, thank you for participating this season, and I look forward to developing a successful relationship with you and you son.


Mike Mixson

Hamilton Dolphins

(423) 779-8949 cell * (423) 894-8289, ext. 100 work * (423) 892-5002 home